The situation:

AXIOS, in collaboration with PhRMA, ventured into shedding light on the intricacies of the 340b drug pricing program—a cornerstone initiative that enables hospitals to purchase certain outpatient drugs at discounted prices. The challenge? Crafting a digital narrative that was not only informative but also captivating, ensuring the content didn't just blend into the vast sea of online information but truly resonated with and educated its audience.

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Full stack dev

How we helped.

Understanding the weight and significance of the message, we wove an immersive web experience that was anything but ordinary. Infusing elements of quirkiness, we painted the platform with rich, saturated colors, blending editorial finesse with delightful interactions. Each scroll and click was designed to keep the reader engaged and informed. And the outcome? AXIOS and PhRMA couldn't have been happier. The campaign took flight, reaching a vast audience and effectively amplifying PhRMA's message on the 340b drug pricing program. It wasn't just a project—it was a testament to the power of creative collaboration in bringing crucial narratives to the forefront.

Results achieved.