Don Julio 1942

The situation:

Don Julio reached out to us to create a digital home for their latest special edition , the 1942 Illumination bottle. Our task was to create a property that would allow the user to immerse themselves in the light of the bottle. Our objective was to design a digital property that would not only showcase the bottle's aesthetic and innovative design but also engage users on a deeper level, inviting them to explore and interact with the essence of the 1942 Illumination. And of course, to convert.

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Digital strategy

How we helped.

We worked closely with the client to ideate a design system. This system was envisioned to not only meet the immediate needs of the project but also to act as a robust template for future activations, ensuring consistency and coherence across all brand touchpoints. Our initial steps were deeply rooted in the process of wireframing, where we laid the groundwork for what would soon become a fully realized digital experience. Over the span of just a few days, we dedicated ourselves to the meticulous design of the entire user journey, paying close attention to every detail.

Results achieved.

The activation was a huge success, and Diageo achieved better ROI for their marketing efforts leading to our landing pages, more purchases, and more traffic to the rest of the website.