Galaxy Fund Management

The situation:

Galaxy Fund Management, a prominent subset of Galaxy, faced a unique conundrum. Their existing site, though functional, was sparse, lacking the vitality and direction essential for effective user conversion. Without animation and a dynamic spirit, it felt more like a static brochure rather than the vibrant gateway to the world's largest crypto-only firm.

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Full stack dev

How we helped.

Tackling GFM's digital landscape, we approached the redesign with a meticulous attention to detail. Our deep dive into UI, enriched by continuous collaboration with the brand manager, shaped a site that was both intuitive and aesthetically appealing. We introduced innovative modalities, reimagined sections, and enhanced the overall visual experience. The newfound energy wasn't just for show; it was purposeful. The revamped site saw a significant uptick in conversions, thanks to our strategically designed funnel. But the real magic lay in the brand's new pulse. Through lively animations, whimsical interactions, and expansive layouts, Galaxy Fund Management's essence was vividly brought to life, echoing its position as a titan in the crypto realm.

Results achieved.

Increased sales metrics, more conversions, more email newsletter subscriptions, and an elevation of GFM's profile within the crypto space.