Ketel One

The situation:

Even time-tested brands like Ketel One Vodka must continually evolve. While their legacy site stood as a testament to past successes, it had begun to lag behind the brand's forward-thinking vision and the dynamic needs of contemporary consumer outreach.

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Digital strategy
Full stack dev

How we helped.

Diving headfirst into the realm of Ketel One's digital identity, we embarked on a comprehensive website redesign journey. Prioritizing user experience, we delved deep into the intricacies of UI, ensuring every click, every hover, resonated with the brand's ethos. Through close collaboration with the brand manager, not only did we fine-tune existing features, but we also introduced innovative modalities and fresh sections that breathed new life into the digital interface. Our commitment to visual excellence transformed the aesthetics, and our innovative approach introduced unique UI elements, previously uncharted by Ketel One. The result? A revitalized digital presence marrying the brand's storied legacy with the vibrancy of today.

Results achieved.

The website's traffic metrics increased significantly, and the client was able to drive better sales numbers through higher conversion on the new build.