Oban Whisky

The situation:

Oban Whisky, a name synonymous with rich Scottish heritage, faced a unique challenge. Despite its distinguished identity, its digital footprint was limited to its presence on TheMalts.com. There was a palpable need for a standalone website that not only celebrated its deep-rooted Scottish lineage but also showcased the intimate team of nine dedicated souls working tirelessly at the distillery.

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Digital strategy
Full stack dev

How we helped.

Embracing the essence of Oban, we embarked on a quest to encapsulate its spirit digitally. We elevated their brand by designing a website that is an immersive journey through their legacy. Bursting with engaging video content, ambient audio that transports you to the Scottish shores, and an expansive encyclopedia replete with brand facts, the website is a tribute to Oban's rich tapestry of stories. Above all, by placing the spotlight on the heart of Oban - its dedicated team - we've created a platform that resonates deeply with their ethos. The brand is elated, and the website now stands as a proud beacon of Oban's indomitable heritage.

Results achieved.