Don Julio Website Redesign

Don Julio, 2019


Don Julio is a premium tequila brand owned by Diageo, a global alcohol and spirits company. We were tasked with redesigning and rebuilding its global website. The requested redesign was more than a simple update of the current brand and style. It was a challenge to give the entire Don Julio brand a face lift and more modern and sleeker look. The client also expressed a desire to rebuild the website in a way that allows the user to explore and discover all the unique variants.


  • Web design
  • Interactive design
  • Branding

How we helped

Our team began this crucial project by meeting with the Don Julio brand team to understand the brand vision better.  From there, our designer engaged in an in-depth conversation for him to better understand what type of design would represent the Don Julio story, while aligning with the For Those Who Know campaign.Next, our design team began creating concepts, with mobile being a priority, based on the information gathered from our previous client discovery meetings. Based on what we learned, we decided to move forward with a design that captured the fields in which the ingredients for Don Julio are grown. This was a crucial element in telling the Don Julio story, which was a primary point of pride expressed by the client. Once our design concept was approved, we turned our focus to building a user-friendly, secure website for Don Julio consumers. Our top priority was to build a website that would be easy to navigate. We knew how important it was that visitors be able to flow throughout the site and immerse themselves in the Don Julio experience and ultimately leading to the consumer to purchase the Don Julio product. Our other top priority was building a secure website that was in line with our client's compliance rules and regulations.


The end of the result of our work was a new global brand website that accurately told the Don Julio story. This fresh and vibrant website allowed fans of the tequila to learn about its origin story, browse through different variants, and check out new recipes. Our process and methodology allowed us to not only deliver this project on-time and on-budget but produced a premium digital asset that will help Diageo achieve their various business objectives. Please visit the website at

Thorium is a great partner. They worked to deliver effective digital solutions to improve the layout and easy of navigation for our site. They worked well with other agency partners and were flexible in their approach. I have never hesitated to use [them] in our digital projects.
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