Galaxy Fund Management

Galaxy, 2021


Galaxy Fund Management offers Bitcoin and diversified crypto exposure via two passive funds. They needed a distinctive brand identity and messaging strategy that balanced legitimacy with institutional investors while standing out in an increasingly crowded digital asset market.


  • Web design
  • Interactive design
  • Branding

How we helped

We looked a back in time and were inspired by the aniconism of ancient spiritual patterns. The Moors used pattern to convey mathematical beauty in its purest form, and to honor a creator as the geometer of our world and our place within cosmos.  The Galaxy Fund Management logomark is rooted in this sacred geometry. We followed this through with modernist, geometric shape-and-line illustrations to abstractly express both the beauty of blockchain and the cosmos.


The result is an identity that’s at once age-old, authoritative and inspires trust while nodding to the innovative, nascent cryptocurrency vanguard.