Oban Whisky

Oban, 2018


Perceived as less commercial and more authentic, single malt Scotches have benefitted from the craft whisky movement. This provides an excellent opportunity for Diageo’s single malt brands to gain market share. Oban in particular is a small but revered distillery with fantastic products and a compelling history. We were brought in to execute delivery of a new website and relaunched social media channels designed to tell Oban’s story and bring its whiskies to the attention of consumers seeking authenticity and quality.


  • Web design
  • Interactive design
  • Branding

How we helped

Integrating the Oban team’s vision and our own delivery methodology, Thorium developed a  website consistent with the brand’s “It’s Pronounced” campaign. The site tells the story of the whisky’s  heritage and highlights its makers’ commitment to quality and traditional production methods. We planned and executed a strategy for Facebook and Instagram that meets media schedules, complements the website and hits brand goals.


Thorium Digital successfully launched the new Oban website and social media channels. We continue to manage the brand’s Facebook and Instagram pages, helping to bring this small but storied single malt whisky to a new generation of consumers. Learn more here.​