The Walking Dead Whiskey Launch

The Walking Dead Whiskey, 2019


The Walking Dead Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey was a joint project between the leading beverage alcohol company Diageo and global comic sensation brand, The Walking Dead. For this project, our team was tasked to produce three digital assets. First, a one-page website for The Walking Dead fans to stay updated about the release of this new product. Second, a multi-page website complete with drink suggestions and recipes to create them. The last request was an e-mail template for the client to use when communicating with fans.
The main goal for this project was to launch the website and complete the email template in time for New York Comic Con in October. The Walking Dead brand had a strong presence at the conference centered around promoting its brand-new bourbon whiskey drink. Visitors and fans alike needed to be able to visit this new website, sign up for updates, and get excited about this brand-new spirit.


  • Web design
  • Interactive design
  • Branding

How we helped

Our approach to this project was unique because we worked not only with Diageo but with Skybound Entertainment, which was in charge of overall vision and design. We are no strangers to working with multiple teams and have the process in place necessary to ensure the project runs seamlessly. We started the project by hosting a kick-off meeting with the client and all additional stakeholders. The goal of this meeting was to learn more about the vision and desire direction for this new website.
From there, our design team went to work, creating a concept that captured several critical elements expressed by the client. This design had to achieve an "apocalyptic feel" and serve a direct connection to the comic book brand. We were able to present a plan that captured this feeling and was in line with the various point of sale materials that had been created. Once all parties approved the design, we went to work, creating a mobile friendly website. We ensured that all visitors would be immediately drawn into the websites look and feel.
Once they were hooked, the user could browse the various drink and recipes. Lastly, users would find a call to action at the bottom of the page, which encouraged them to sign up for the latest updates regarding this brand-new whiskey.


The result of this project was the production of several high-quality assets that exceeded the client's expectations. The brand-new website and corresponding email template were delivered on-time, on-budget, and in time for the New York Comic Con event. You can visit the website here:

Thorium is a great partner. They worked to deliver effective digital solutions to improve the layout and easy of navigation for our site. They worked well with other agency partners and were flexible in their approach. I have never hesitated to use [them] in our digital projects.
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